Pro Domo Sua's service includes a home-staging based assessment of your property, but it also features a wide range of additional services.

Home staging will help you reveal your property's best assets. It consists in concurring techniques aimed at accenting your house's qualities and at triggering a prospective buyer's desire.

Still little-known, seldom-used in France, this approach dates back to the early 1970s in the USA and is quite common in Canada, in the UK (where 70% of property owners have their homes staged before selling it) and in Sweden (where it's tax-deductible).

When he is visiting a house, a potential buyer needs to project his own needs and desires onto this new setting. Although your place might have been perfect for you all these years, it might neither meet the expectations of your client-to-be, nor give him an alternative way of imagining his next years in the premise.

Your property has to have character, but not too much. It has to be inspiring, to leave room for imagination and spark the interest.

This is where the home stager plays an important part : he has to make sure your home is as welcoming as possible, ready to be settled in at once or redesigned according to the future owner's taste. All that remains to be done is write an ad and submit it to websites, print media, realtors...

When you consider two comparable properties, the one that would not require any paint jobs, or spring cleaning, or any repairs would be less likely to have its price discussed (or discounted), and the transaction would be facilitated a great deal. And its proud new owner would be less likely to waste time and money in last minute tweaks and expenses.

You need to make your property ready for sale, you need to get the optimal selling price for it, and you need to save time and money in the process !


Pro Domo Sua is based in Perpignan, still we can help you wherever you are.

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To real estate agents and property developers : all partnerships welcome.

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